sisters say is an ongoing body of work exploring relationships namely sisterhood and friendship in this age of hyper-technology touching on truths, trust, connection and solitude. the layers we wear, the things we don't always say, the things we need to hear. with introspection it becomes a mirror to the relationship we have with ourselves. encouraging to the un-encouraged. powerful to the powerless, hopeful to the one with little hope. we are reminded that we are the first, if not only, true sister we need.



the artist curates images from a digital mine. her portrait selection is meant to challenge the notion of conventional beauty, and to honour a more realistic view of diversified representation, all while evoking a mood of quiet contemplation. she builds on this base with her own visual representations of the the consistently inconsistent emotions of a person straddling despair and wavering, faith and hope. the goal with her process is to land in that latter space on the spectrum with work and positive internal dialogue.

this work was born from a time of reflection both external and internal, studying a range of these feelings intuitively and experientially.

who knows, maybe you can relate?



artist bio -


tahsin (b 198x) is a first generation canadian multidisciplinary artist. her works are her thoughts on paper. conversations, revelations and inspirations — realized and desired, inform her process. she explores the opposing ideals and the space in between movement and stillness, desire and acceptance, connection and isolation, evolution and impermanence, and finality and eternity. she graduated with a bachelors degree in design and fashion communications from ryerson university (2004) and this foundation lends to her aesthetic and frequent use of photography, collage, typography, illustration and abstraction in her work. she lives and works with her family just outside of toronto.