Retired listicle writer turned illustrator, Sarah Brown (aka DRAKECEREAL) is an artist that was born the same year that ATCQ released The Low End Theory. Inspired by (insert basketball emoji), her body of work features basketball courts from around the world motivated by Golden Era hip-hop artists, Spike Lee movies and iconic New York artists you’ve probably heard of.


Straight outta Dundas West (specifically Manning Street), DRAKECEREAL is an art brand that captures the essence of neighbourhood in her clever portrayals of people, places and things. Some of which include pool hopping, tragic bicycle accidents and the internal turmoil of excessive partying and self-destruction. Daydreaming of summer in the city, this collection of artwork is a radical expression of a woman who’s often been described as “zero chill” or “kind of awkward”. The result is a body of work that mostly speaks for itself.   


Sarah Brown is a 12-year-old boy trapped in a woman’s body. When she’s not reading Tom Robbins, daydreaming about sneakers or working at her day job at Dynasty Toronto, she’s illustrating street culture as she sees it. Since moving from the west coast in 2009, her bicycle has been stolen three times and she’s been fired two, maybe three times. She also enjoys: climbing fences, People’s Eatery and The Jerk Spot in Kensington Market.