Vessna Perunovich : Mending Broken China, 2014-2016
Site-specific installation, cut disposable paper dishware, black ink


What gets broken can’t be put back together” – from fixing a broken dish to rebuilding a broken country - Mending Broken China is intended as a playful metaphor for dealing with crises, both personal and political. Like the fine china (porcelain) that stands for precious objects kept and cherished in the family for generations, this body of work centers around archetypes, traces and memories left behind, and ways of collecting, restoring and rebuilding.


In her art practice, Vessna Perunovich weaves drawing, sculpture, painting, video and performance and presents them as layered interdisciplinary installations. Her work addresses her own experience through a female perspective and personal narratives - displacement, exile, transition and identity are all examined in a wider social and political context. In her career that spans over 28 years, Vessna Perunovich has exhibited extensively, both in Canada and internationally. She has shown her work at international Biennials in Cuba, Albania, England, Portugal, Yugoslavia, and Greece and attended international residencies in Beijing (China), New York (US), Berlin (Germany), Bursa (Turkey) and Banff (Canada).