Sabrina Shen (born in 1992 in Hangzhou, China) and Ann Lin (born in 1992 in FuQing, China) are Toronto based visual artists and conceptual photographers working as a collaborative duo. They were both graduated from York University in Visual Arts program. Since then, they have worked on both personal projects and commissioned works for fashion brands and magazines. Their photos have been featured in variety publications such as Fashion Art Toronto, Harper’s Bazaar China, and Just magazine etc.

Symmetry (Aug. 27 - Nov) 
Modernization of society details can be seen from urban buildings, architectures and constructions which surrounding us. We are located within these spaces as an inevitable part of everyday human life. These images explore the relationship between the modern space and nature of human bodies. By capturing the movement of the human figure in the architecture and alternating the space through different perspectives. We want to redefine the ways we perceive on modern surroundings.